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Start a Chapter in your School

AFPH makes it fun, productive and rewarding!

Start a Chapter in your School

Through a chapter, you and your classmates will better understand the socioeconomic challenges faced by people in your neighborhood; further your understanding of regional health care systems; develop leadership, analysis and presentation skills; realize that you can make a difference in the health of your community, and strive towards lifelong community service.

  • AFPH makes it free All members join AFPH free of charge.
  • AFPH gives you money! AFPH will provide you up to $10,000 through competitive AFPH Grants for start-up costs, equipment and chapter activities.
  • AFPH makes it easy! AFPH will provide you with with a step-by-step guide to help you create a chapter at your school. Once approved, AFPH will provide you with a handbook filled with tips and suggestions on how to successfully run your own outreaches. This handbook includes the AFPH-Outreach Model which has been developed with years of experience and has positively affected the lives of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of patients.
  • AFPH gives you more opportunities! AFPH will provide all members with opportunities for research scholarships, participation in AFPH research conferences, and more!


Why Volunteer?

The number of uninsured Americans is at an all time high according to data released by the census bureau. Many of these people suffer from disease that is diagnosed late and remains untreated until a catastrophic event ensues. AFPH helps bridge the gap in access to health care to prevent these complications. By volunteering, you can make a difference in the lives of the underserved people who live in your own neighborhood.

Volunteering not only benefits the poor, but will enhance your knowledge of cardiovascular disease, provide you with a deeper appreciation of this community's culture and socioeconomic challenges, and integrate your understanding of national and regional health care systems.

What do Volunteers do?

A lot. You can volunteer to help run our outreach events. You will be the person greeting patients, measuring their blood pressure, checking their blood sugars, chatting with them about their health and how to stay healthy. If you are interested in volunteering for AFPH or finding out more, please contact us at

Donate Now

Donate to AFPH so that we can reduce health disparities in your community, help save lives, and contribute to the education of our future doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.